My single is out now!

HELLO! I have awesome news to tell you! My new single and videoclip are out now!

The song is called Blackbird.

I am very proud of the videoclip, because I made it in a very special collaboration with my mom Joyce Willemse. She is an amazing person, creative mind, artist and poet. The film is based on an art installation by her.


I wrote Blackbird during the first lockdown here in the Netherlands, which is almost a year ago. Pfff that's a strange thing to realize! I hope you're doing okay! Honestly, working on this project has really helped me through. It was a positive distraction and outlet for me. When I wrote the song, I felt inspired by the strength I saw emerging in people, to come together and contribute to a better world. I hope this song will give you hope and strength to hold on to in this challenging time.


That's all friends! Stay safe! :)




Maya is a 19-year-old passionate singer-songwriter and a 2nd year student at the Conservatory of Utrecht. Her music is poetic, perceptive and powerful. She plays the piano, guitar, ukulele and uses a loopstation on stage to layer vocals and instruments. Her music is in the genre of indie-folk and indie-pop.


Maya’s original songs take you on a journey of self-discovery and catharsis. For her, writing music is all about catharsis and inspiring others to create and be yourself. She is always searching for new ways of expression.


In the summer of 2020 Maya released her debut EP called ‘alined’ along with a videoclip in which she combines music, performance art, dance and film.


On March 5th Maya released her new single 'Blackbird' along with an official music video, made together with Joyce Willemse.

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Maya performing at café Bite
Maya performing at café Bite


Music exam concert
Music exam concert

Maya performing at café Bite
Maya performing at café Bite




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